I’m Martijn, plastic alchemist

who turns used plastic

into useful products

r•Plastic stand for ‘recycled plastic’. When plastic gets recycled, for example PolyPropylene, the abbreviation changed from PP to rPP.

Also when pronouncing r•Plastic it sounds like ‘our plastic’. And thats what we should become aware of: we are responsible, it is all our plastic! We buy it, we use it, we bin it. This realisation gives us great power: we can influence and make change.

Want to know more about us

We are busy recycling plastic,
our adventures will be here soon! 🔥

Why we do what we do

r • think

Plastic should be viewed as a valuable resource, not as waste. In the end we are responsible for what we consume. Less consuming, mindful about what we buy and to see plastic as a resource will create change. r•think our decisions, even small decisions impact our environment.

r • search

How can we eliminate plastic? What can we do differently in the recycling process? Are there other ways of recycling? What products can we make out of recycled plastic that will not end up on the landfill within a few years. These are a few questions r•Plastic is researching.

r • challenges

There are many challenges we have to overcome, the main thing is creating awareness of the current plastic situation in the world. Waste management and education is necessary to prevent plastic coming in nature and end up in our water, food and animals.

r • turn

For our products we use 100% recycled plastic & we keep everything local to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. Part of the profit generated by the sale of the products will return to plastic education, research and tree conservation.

r • nature

We love nature, it’s a huge part of what we are. There is a big urge to change now. We need to r•think our behavior. There is just no time anymore if we want to leave the world a better place for our children and generations after us.

r • educate

Why do such large quantities of plastic end up in nature? Why don’t we use it more as a resource? One part of it is education. It’s crucial for our health the health of our planet to change our behavior and that starts with education.

What do we want to accomplish

Our long term goal is this shape: Termination! Plastic will be a solved situation and recycling is obsolete.

Come play with us

The main thing is to have fun and approach live in a playful way.
We take it way to serious most of the time! I believe our kids are our greatest teachers and they are most in flow when they have fun!

This is how it started

The beach cleanup is how this all started

As a family we helped many times collecting waste, mainly plastic, from the beach at Pantai Batu Belig. This was organised by Sungai Watch, a local organisation dedicated to cleaning all of Indonesia’s rivers. Trough these clean ups I became very aware of the plastic situation. It was so visible all of a sudden, i could not close my eyes to it anymore.

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Earth day 2021

Education is a big part of the change. For the celebration of earth day at our kids school we created a recycled plastic workshop. Our children learned in a fun way how to recycle plastic and make new products out of used plastic. This gave us an idea: organise workshops for school classes to show them the plastic recycling process in a fun way!

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Tri Hita Karana

Three ways to happiness

Tri Hita Karana

We are based in Bali, where the life philosophy is Tri Hita Karana – meaning three ways to create harmony and prosperity. It helps to take responsibility for our lives, our relationships, the environment and our community. All three relationships have to be maintained to achieve harmony and prosperity. We need to become more in balance to conserve nature and to act more conscious.

We love minimalistic

Don't confuse minimalistic
for boring,
on the contrary!

Minimalistic for us means to be conscious of what we buy and consume. Are the products we buy useful or is it just more stuff? When we create products out of recycled plastic it will be a useful product, it will replace virgin plastic or natural resource, it can be used for many years, it will be recyclable and it will add to a circulair economy.

The products will be locally produced and offered on the local market.

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Martijn Huizing

r•Plastic is a PT PMA New Moon Collective company

Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Nomor 50, Kedonganan, Kuta, Kabupaten, Bali, 80361